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Custom Memory Keepsake Fan Mug Rug/Small Table Quilt

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Custom Memory Keepsake Fan Mug Rug/Small Table Quilt

(approximately 8” x 8”)

Imagine sitting at your desk each morning (or in your favorite chair at home) with a cup of coffee or tea and being reminded of special times spent with someone you miss.

The clothing once worn by a loved one has so many memories attached to it. It’s so difficult to part with it, but what use is it to you?

Here’s a great way to capture those memories in a unique and useful way.  You can send one article of clothing, or several for each section of this Grandmother’s Fan pattern.  

I’ll add quality 100% cotton fabric (using a color that compliments the clothing) and batting to finish your keepsake. If the clothing has buttons or other recognizable embellishments I love to utilize them to make your keepsake extra special.