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Many blessings to you and your family from The Green Snail! 2020 has been a year full of changes and adjustments, and no doubt you also have experienced much of the same in your own life. I first want to say that I greatly appreciate all of the encouragement I've received from my customers over the years. It always amazes me that people are so trusting in my ability to create these precious keepsakes that hold such meaning to them, and the stories shared with me have touched my heart time and time again. But now it is time for me to take a step back, take a breath, and re-evaluate the direction of this small business. To seek out God's direction and plan for my life. Priorities need to be set, and I need to put my family's needs first. It is so important to me as a wife and as a mom to be present and available. Lately there are times I've felt I haven't been able to be there because I've been too busy with the demands of trying to juggle too much. I think the new year is a great time for each one of us to slow down and pursue that which brings us peace. God gives each of us a new beginning, a fresh new page each and every day (Lamentations 3:22-23). It's up to us to pursue and recognize the path and plan that He has for each of us and then have the courage and the faith to walk it out. I truly love serving people in a way that touches so many lives and plays a small part in bringing healing into their broken hearts. This is only a pause (Selah!) and not a goodbye. God willing I will be re-opening my shop soon. But until then I wish you all health and abundance in this new year and beyond. If you'd like to contact me, please feel free to do so via email at Thanks again for your encouragement and support. Trina Schellhammer, Owner The Green Snail James 5:8

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