Memorial Keepsakes

"Your memory is my keepsake, of which I'll never part.  God has you in His keeping, but I have you in my heart." ~Mom (1985, after dad passed)


Clothing is incredibly intimate—especially when it once belonged to someone we love.  It's so very cherished, flooding our minds with memories of a special person and precious time spent together.

But does it really belong stored away in a box? 
There are many things in our lives that trigger memories of the past, but clothing is one of the most powerful. The shirt Grandpa always seemed to have on every time you visited. Grandma's robe that always hung on the back of the bathroom door.  Your dad's favorite shirt he wore over and over again.

Possessing an article of clothing a loved one once wore is very special. This clothing typically ends up in a box because we don't have the heart to throw it away, yet we're not exactly sure why we're saving it. Now you found a reason. 
A custom memory item can be so meaningful, and I will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind cherished keepsake.  Memorial keepsakes are a celebration of life and can be very beneficial in helping with the grieving process.  They make the perfect sentimental gifts for friends and family.
I'd love the opportunity to play a part in preserving those precious memories. 

From my heart to your hands,



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