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Thanks for visiting!  My name is Trina and I'm the face behind The Green Snail.

Every piece of clothing has a story to tell, and I love to be able to help preserve those stories for generations to come.  I feel the most rewarding thing about what I do is being able to touch the lives of others with the gifts I've been given.

I'm a sentimental person who has a really hard time throwing anything away that has a memory attached to it.  Like really.  That's what birthed my idea to find a way to preserve these memories and use these sentimental articles of clothing that allows these memories to displayed in daily life.

Why The Green Snail?

Coming up with a name for my little business venture was SO difficult for me, and after plenty of sleepless nights I came up with a name I loved.  "Green" was derived from being a "green" fiber artist (because all of my materials are repurposed) and I chose a snail because treadling a sewing machine is an art itself, one that isn't quite as speedy as a normal electric sewing machine.  Everything I create is sewn on people-powered machines.  So The Green Snail was born in 2017.  Sounds so much fun, right?

Quite recently I was searching for a "fun" hobby to kind of balance the stress of hearing the sad stories from my clients.  Kinda a "ying" for my "yang".  And what is more uplifting and fun than the sound of a ukulele?  I bought my first one, and I was hooked! 

But when I looked for a super cool, original strap for my new beloved instrument, I couldn't find one that suited me (growing up having a twin sister ALWAYS made me try to find something unique for myself!).  I started designing and came up with the idea of combining my love of vintage (ties) and my love of being comfortable (jeans) and the idea was born for upcycled instrument straps.  I wanted to share them with my ukulele friends, so I added them to my shop!

Here’s my happy place, otherwise known as my studio.

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The Green Snail in the Spotlight!

I’ve recently had the privilege of being featured  featured in Schuylkill Living Magazine!



I had a visitor in my studio, and I think he had a lot of fun learning about what a treadle is and how I use one. :-) John Hickey from WNEP TV interviewed me for "The Power To Save" to learn more about what I do and why I do it.

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WNEP The Power To Save


Here's another great little feature in our local newspaper, The Times News. 

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Here's a little bit about the vintage machines I use and enjoy every day!

Each item I create is special to me, and it's my goal to capture memories by creating  high-quality, hand-crafted, and functional items.  Things you are able to see and love every day, as a reminder of a super special memory of a person or pet.  Things that will outlast the memories attached to them.

Everyone has a gift to offer this world.  I hope you take the time to find yours, too!




Did you know The Green Snail has it's own little catchy jingle?  

Written by a friend and sung by her elementary school class, it is super sweet!! The kids did such a great job singing. 

Click below to have a listen!