Vintage Tie Ukulele/Guitar Straps

The beauty of silk combined with the durability and comfort of denim, created with timeless craftsmanship.

Have you ever seen two of the same vintage tie?  We know we haven't!  Our ukulele straps are handcrafted from repurposed denim and original vintage ties (typically 100% silk).  Each one is a guaranteed original way to accessorize your ukulele and each is unique, high-quality, and one-of-a-kind!  Our straps measure 1 1/2" wide, each is totally adjustable, and our unique design highlights the beauty and originality of each tie.

What actually goes into creating these beautiful straps?  For a little peek at how each of these one-of-a-kind ukulele straps are made, click this picture:


We've got over 100 original vintage ties in stock, so MORE UKULELE STRAPS WILL BE ADDED TO THE SHOP EACH WEEK.  Each strap is upcycled, which means before we get to sew we need to take apart and do tons of "prep work".  Each one takes so much time to be created compared to a regular strap because, as the saying goes, good things take time!  Be sure to check back regularly for new inventory, and follow us on Facebook or Instagram for a sneak peek to see what's coming up!

Do you have you dad or grandfather's tie (or clothing) stashed away in your closet?  Send it to me, and I can create a super sentimental, custom strap just for you.  

Please feel free to message me at with any questions.