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Hi friends.  Welcome to my first post of this blog.

I've been wanting to blog for awhile, but I could never figure out what to write about.  Blogs are supposed to fun, interesting, and something people are interested in reading.  Like what could I possibly write about?

To my family's horror, I've come up with an idea.  I will be taking my favorite (and only) travel ukulele on different excursions and then I will write about it.  Maybe what I did, where I went, and a small lesson I learned from it.  My beautiful blue uke is made by Flight and I call him Elvis (get it, Blue Suede Shoes?), and no doubt he will draw attention to his beautiful self. 

Elvis will accompany me to a variety of destinations (think garden gnome).  Some as simple as the grocery store, or my kid's ball games, and others more exciting (um yeah) like day trips and family vacations (did I mention how thrilled my family is?).  Actually, I didn't tell my husband yet, but my kids know.  He can be surprised.  ha ha

The point is, I'm feeling that people are lacking the ability of just cutting loose and having fun.  You know, stop worrying about what other people think (of the lady carrying around and taking pictures of a blue ukulele) and enjoy the moment.  Life can be tough.  We are bombarded with negativity day in and day out.  But we can choose to look for the good. And there’s so much good.  I think it’s SO important to do just that. Be the light.

I hope you join me on my journey of lightening up and just having fun.  I mean, what is more fun than a ukulele?  And maybe there's a lesson or two to learn along the way.

Philippians 4:8


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  • Donna on

    This could be really fun. Include pictures and have “Elvis” talking about what is happening or what his impression of whatever is going on to accompany your thoughts. ..connected to whatever picture you post. . . . though I am just brainstorming. .. . there could be 2 “people” talking in your Blog. .. .you and “Elvis”. .. .

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