Elvis Goes To School

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My son will be turning 16 next week.  He is fully relied on me to be his chauffeur if his sister isn't available to do it.  He is, and always will, be my baby (whether he likes it or not!).  But he won't always "need" his mama.  What better place to take Elvis (my blue ukulele) on his first field trip?  To visit Tamaqua High School to pick up Joel.  Because he still needs me.😉

teenagers aren't so scary

Meet Khalid.  He is not my boy, but his friend.  Khalid is (obviously) a happy-go-lucky kid who isn't afraid to have fun.  My kinda kid!  I asked him if he would hold Elvis (yes, at this point my introverted son was a bit horrified) and let me take his picture.  His response?  "Should I put the strap on??".  What a kid. ❤️ I mean, what’s more fun than a blue ukulele?

Every day we have a choice about how we look at things.  Is driving up to school to get my boy an inconvenience, or is it an opportunity to spend some quality time with him in the car?  Oh, and maybe an opportunity to make someone smile, too.

Teenagers can sometimes seem a bit scary, but I've always felt if we treat them with respect and not be afraid to get to know them, they're actually not that scary at all.  Oftentimes we tend to see teens as unapproachable.  Well, Khalid is the perfect example that they aren't!  Take the time to get to know a teen.  Kids are people, too!

So today's life lesson is this.  Look at each and every day as an opportunity to reach out to the next generation, whether it be your own child, his friends, the neighbor... you get the picture.  Build relationships.  Share your knowledge.  Make them smile!  Not only do we get to know them a little better, but they get to know us.  And they'll also find out that we're not so scary, either.

~ 1 Corinthians 16:14

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